Our showroom

The Praun & Guermouche studio space in Stockholm includes a showroom and a library. In the showroom, we arrange smaller exhibitions and artist talks in connection with our publications.

February 19 – April 18, 2021, Praun & Guermouche participated as a satellite to the exhibition Editorial Thinking at Index—The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation.
In our showroom we presented works by artist Hanna Ljungh, accompanied by graphic translations of the works for Ljungh’s book Anatomy of a Descent (P&G no. 002). In parallel, our books were presented at Index.

At the moment, works by Hanna Ljungh, Anders Ängsvik, and Oscar Guermouche are on display.

On view, Winter/Spring 2021:

Hanna Ljungh

Curiosity Cabinet (Lithium 6 mg): You, Me, Rock, Mountain-Commodities of the Quantified Universe (Hanging Equilibrium)

Size: 35 x 28 x 30 cm

Material: wood, glass, mirror, styrofoam, lithium