Our library

The Praun & Guermouche studio space in Stockholm includes a showroom and a library. In the library, all our regular editions as well as books we have designed for other publishers or have contributed to in other ways, are available for loan. Books made by Designstudio Sandra Praun are also part of the library. It is open to anyone by appointment and the books can be borrowed without charge for two weeks at the time.

The foundation of the Swedish Library Act is that libraries belong to the infrastructure of a democratic society. Nevertheless, since the mid-1990s, more than a quarter of Swedens public library branches have disappeared, and continue to do so. In recent years, articles have been published in the major newspapers, as an appeal to the politicians to remember that libraries have a fundamental role in the defense of an open society. Demonstrations and petitions have—unsuccessfully—been organized to stop further closings. Our contribution to the debate is to open a library of our own.

At this point we have 90 titles for loan in the library.

Languages: English, Swedish, German, Italian